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August 16, 2019


I am taking up Walt's Challenge in my modest way. My doctor says I'm too fat so I plan on losing 14lbs before IAM in October. There - I've said it. See you in Chicago. You'll have to look a little harder to see me!

August 31, 2019


I've been planning to quit smoking for a long time now. It seems there is never a good time to do so. I am finally ready to commit. My commitment is to quit smoking by the end of this year (2019). Hopefully before Thanksgiving :) Wish me luck! 

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September 3, 2019


Losing 2 Stone by IAM. Loosing weight has always been difficult as food is a go to for me, especially when stressed. I started this challenge a little earlier this year when I met up with Walt and we talked about the challenge. So far I have lost 1 stone by walking a bit faster with my dog and listening to  TED Tech Talks. With a month to go I am a bit behind with my goal as the busy season in moving is the most stressful and therefore difficult weight loss wise for me. I think the walking and listening to the TED talks are good for my mental health as much as my health, as they give me a break out.

September 9, 2019


I am in! I am signing up for something I have always wanted to do - a half Ironman next July 12, 2020! Thanks for the constant inspiration Walt!


September 10, 2019


This challenge motivate me to exercise again, it's been a year I have stopped exercising and now I want to start again. Thanks

September 15, 2019


Hi Walt, it's my Brother Mick Dolan. He is 55 but always fancied himself as a performer. Learnt to play guitar several years ago. He would be happy to be included. He is going to try and release a collection of songs written and sung by him. Note he has never written a song before. So his challenge is to release his first song by IAM on YouTube. Big challenge.

United Kingdom

September 17, 2019


My challenge is to improve my overall wellness by increasing my physical activity. I plan to do this by incorporating three 1-hour walks per week with an output to work up to 10,000 steps per walk. By doing this I also hope to shed some weight which will benefit me physically, mentally, spiritually and will allow me to become a better best me.

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